Grooming Services

The following is included in both packages: 

hydrotherapy bath with shampoo & conditioner

blueberry facial

dental gel & breath spray

Shed Less treatment(breed applicable)

brush out

nails clipped and/or filed

blow dry

ears cleaned & hair removed

aromatherapy cologne

bows and/or bandanna

face, feet and fanny trim (with bath package if requested)

hair cut(included with haircut package)

Starting prices are for pets with coats in GOOD condition. Grooming prices are approximate. Your pet may cost more or less. Pricing varies due to breed, size, condition of coat, type of haircut and temperament. There will be extra charges for matted and/or tangled coats. If your pet has fleas,there will be an extra charge for flea removal.Prices subject to change without notice! 

SPA bath package

Short/flat coated small dog

Long/thick coated small dog

Starts at $25

Starts at $40

Short/flat coated medium dog

Long/thick coated medium dog

Starts at $35

Starts at $55

Short/flat coated large dog

Long/thick coated large dog

Starts at $45

 Starts at $70

SPA haircut package

Small dog haircut

Starts at $45

Medium dog haircut

Large dog haircut

Starts at $60

Starts at $75

Sorry we are unable to provide services for giant breeds at this time.


Add a spa treatment to your groom today!

Oatmeal wrap

Plus cost of groom


Deep conditioner

Plus cost of groom


Medicated bath

Plus cost of groom


Oatmeal paw soak & balm

Plus cost of groom


Custom spa treatment

Plus cost of groom


Hot oil treatment

Plus cost of groom


Mud bath

Plus cost of groom



Nail trim and grind available without a groom

Nail trim

no groom


Nail grind

no groom


Nails painted